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Six different strains to choose from all Hybrid Battery included...
Blueberry Lollipop Blueberry Lollipop
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This is a jolly rancher Blueberry flavored lollipop. That would have you mouth watering for more, but you have to be careful because it's not just any lollipop.. (125mgs each) ..
Bomb Brownies Bomb Brownies
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Fudge Chocolate backed to perfection just for you after a long day.. Bomb Brownies can be 1 to 6 servings depending on the day. Some people even say it helps with there pain and daily functions.  300mgs..
Handmade Bud Necklaces for those who love Exotic Flowers. You can wear it in fashion around your neck. Just dont try to SMOKE it....
Great for sleep, before and after work outs, anxiety, stress, pain and more. 20 count ..
CBD GUMMIES Great for pain, anxiety, sleep, daily balance , before and after work outs plus more.. 20 count..
Soft baked chocolate chip cookies. Just waiting to relax you at the right time of the evening. 95mgs in the palm of my hand kinda eating.  Nice size/ one is enough for a good time /only a quarter or half for beginners.....
Same as the single but 2 for $25 or 6 for $50 and 12 for $120..
Another form of concentrate used to infused anything or even Dab and smoke. One full gram loaded in a syringe. ..
Gassy Granola for the healthy eaters and those who love Granola. Even great in a smoothie. Everything tastes good???? so please eat responsibly ???? 200mgs..
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Giving you the perfect sleep at night. Also good for pain..100mgs single dose or micro dose with ten peaces 10mgs each.. 1 Single gummie or 10 cube micro dose..
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